General Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

Who is Construmart?

Construmart is a technology driven company looking to simplify the way construction material is procured. We want to be an Omni channel company leveraging economies of scale and passing the benefit to customers.

What does Construmart do?

Construmart is your one stop shop for all construction material needs. We want to use technology for a seamless hassle free experience in building material procurement via our interconnected approach of Store and online.

Why did we found Construmart?

We believe construction sector which contributes towards 8% of Indian GDP is ripe for disruption. As the last craft industry, construction has yet to enter the technology age. People are building homes & procuring building materials in the same way they did 3 or 4 decades ago. Economies of scale do not exist. We saw a need to transform the industry using technology.

What is different about Construmart?

a) Multiple Product & Brand offerings.
b) We are offering not only finishes but raw materials as well.
c) We are re-thinking the entire procurement lifecycle and trying to modernize it.
d) Hyper-Local Approach.

The combination of these four assets set us apart and have driven our tremendous growth to date.

Where does Construmart operate?

Currently we are operating only in Gurugram.

How Do I Order?

You can order online via our ‘Deals’ page or call us at 1800-103-8868.
Alternatively you may write in to us at

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