What is uPVC?

uPVC or PVCu is a form of plastic and stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. It is also known as rigid PVC due to the fact that it is hard and not flexible. It is a resistant from of PVC that is often used for pipework and window frames

Why is uPVC a good material for window frames?

uPVC is proven to offer excellent performance and durability, it is long lasting and requires very little maintenance making it the perfect material for your windows. It is also recognised for its thermal efficiency, sound insulation and great value for money. For larger frame sections we use a galvanised steel reinforcement to improve the strength and durability. With Safestyle you can rest assured that even in the harshest weather conditions your windows will not warp, rot or rust due to the quality and nature of the uPVC we manufacture.

Types of uPVC Windows

Sliding Windows

These windows have sashes that slightly overlap each other, while moving on a fixed horizontal frame. These are best suited for residential and commercial spaces where space saving is a must. They offer convenience and space

Casement Windows

These windows have their sash hinged, which enables them to swing in and out, just like a door. Once again, these windows are very popular with residential plots.

Bay Windows

These windows protrude out of the main walls of a room, creating a hollow bay. They are best suited for spacious rooms with high ceilings that offer a good scenic view and also add a touch of elegance to the room.

Tilt And Turn Windows

These windows can tilt inwards for protection against rain and swing in like a casement window with the help of their side hinges. They are best suited when you need the slight ventilation but without the outside weather elements affecting your home.

Combination Windows

Combination windows are a combination of different types of windows that deliver a completely new and stylish twist to your room.

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows are those windows with no openings and these are best in spaces where little or no extra ventilation is required.

Single And Double Hung Windows

Single hung windows are fixed at the top but the bottom slides up and down like a traditional sash window. Double hung windows on the other hand, have a fixed bottom but can be opened at the top.

Awning Windows

Similar to casement windows, these windows too have a hinged sash, but the hinges are at the top.

why UPvc?

high wind load performance

KMW's high wind load performance can bring you calm days even during typhoons. The installation of KMG windows in high buildings has been very successful.

thermal insulation

The KMW PVC-U windows have been tried and tested in tropical and cold areas. Outstanding thermal insulation distinctly realises a lot of energy saving both in cold and warm weather.

water tightness

The KMW PVC-U windows do not allow any water leakage, no matter how heavy to rainstorm is. Even on the coastline, they have proven their windows and water tightness.

100% lead free

FUTURA PVC U profiles stabilised with lead and get tested thrice to ensure 100% lead free. The eco-friendly calcium zinc stabiliser sustainably protects the environment.

Sound insulation

The noise level especially in areas with heavy traffic(e.g near airports) can considerably decreased by combining the PVC-U profiles with specially insulation glass panes.

air tightness

Scientific design of KMW windows do not support combustion and are infact self extinguishing. The profile compound possesses a fire retardent quality with international guidelines.

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